Justyna & Fabio

Abbiamo conosciuto Orazio e sua moglie Maria per caso: le famose ‘conoscenze in comune’.
Abbiamo apprezzato sin da subito la sua chiarezza e la pacatezza che ti mette a tuo agio.
Orazio ha compreso le nostre esigenze e ci ha tessuto un vestito su misura.
Il giorno del matrimonio (e nei giorni dei preparativi) si è integrato perfettamente con i nostri ospiti, diventando parte della nostra festa.
Ci ha stupito con le sue fotografie, che continuano a regalare emozioni quando le riguardi!
Grazie davvero per il tuo ottimo lavoro!

During our special day, Orazio managed to put us at ease as we are not a big fans of the camera. One thing we were concerned about was having a photorapher in our face all the time, but we were really impressed how well Orazio and his wife Maria fit in to the wedding and we didn’t even know we were getting our photos taken all that time. We couldn’t have been more relaxed thanks to Maria and Orazio.
He gave us a lots of adivce and direction according to his experience. From day one we liked him as a person and as a professional photographer.We think that his architect eye gives him an another prospective and personal way of looking at things.
The end result has exceeded our expectations and the surprise video was the cherry on the top of the cake!
He really captured the love and captured how beautiful a day it was and just made the whole experience a breeze!
We can’t thank him enough. It was wonderful to meet him, he has left a lasting memory with us.
Thanking once again! Take care and regards

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